Birdhouse FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at (949) 538-9644 if you cannot find an answer to your question

Do you serve food and drinks?

We offer a wide variety of soft drinks, energy drinks, protein shakes, as well as beer and hard seltzers. We have a variety of snacks and candy to satisfy your cravings. We do not have a food menu, but we allow food to be brought in, or you can order in using your favorite food delivery app. Every bay has a high-top bar to accommodate a meal. 

Can I bring my own clubs?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your own clubs. If you however do not have golf clubs, The Birdhouse offers rental clubs for only $10/hr.

Do I need a special golf ball for the system to work?

No, our state-of-the-art ball tracking system does not require a marked ball to work properly. Every bay has a small variety of balls available to you. Please do not use any balls that have been previously used outdoors, or that have any ink markings on them. They will damage our screens.

Do I need a special golf ball for the system to work?

Each bay has three different sizes of tees in it already. Please choose the proper tee for the club you are hitting. Improper tee choice can cause damage to overhead equipment.

Should I wear my golf shoes?

No, ordinary "tennis" shoes are perfect. Please do not wear your spiked shoes in the facility.

Does The Birdhouse offer gift cards?

We sure do! Gift cards can be purchased online, or in-store.

What tracking system does The Birdhouse use?

We use Uneekor's EyeXO2 launch monitor, paired with BenQ 4K projectors.

How long does it take to play 18 holes?

On average, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour per golfer to finish 18 holes.

1 player 45-60 minutes, 2 players 90-120 minutes etc.

How many golfers can play in a bay or suite?

The maximum number of golfers per bay is 4 golfers.

Can I rent out the entire facility?

Yes, you can! Please call for details.

Reservation Policies

(Members and Public)

■ All reservations must be cancelled 24 hours before the beginning of such reservation,

or you will be charged a no show fee of the full cost of your bay.

■ All guests must have a waiver on file, golfing or not

■ All reservations are based on availability

■ All guests must check in at front desk

■ All sales final

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